kohorta Ω


I decided to run gildiowy enchanting.

Namely, it would look in such a way that people interested in the subject could send me or placed in guild vault (Guild Bank) green itemki (falling out with mobs), which are so worthless that it is only suitable for sale to a vendor. On the other hand, they are worth more than a few pieces of gold - can be disenchantować to get materials into enchanting, which at the moment is still a very long road.

With gildiowego Enchanting will benefit only those who are on the "enroll" and will participate in it.

All resistant recall that on the side, and thus the forum are registered nicks from the game!

After the first script of this page retrieves data from the WoW Armory

After 2. This will facilitate communication - how do I know that the person who registered as Y has the form

X in the game? No one will be played in clairvoyance.

After 3. In the future, it will be extremely important after the DKP (DragonKillingPoints)

The end of "discussion", please adhere to the recommendations. Today, again, I had to delete the accounts.