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Those interested in PvE should install a 2 addons, which will help us to organize (GroupCalendar) and will support joint trips to the instance (DiamondThreatMeter) More information on the forum: PvE addons Including links where you can download these addons. 

Do not hesitate! ; p information 29/09/2008 2:57 PM by Sparrowhawk Hello, All interested in the functioning of cohorts and partly Our guild rules section: Information that might over time and need to be flexible to change.

Also the forum is functioning as it should. Also I foresee a widening sections and topics in the near future. Regards, Sparrowhawk, GM

Cohort is becoming more and more numerous, so it seems natural to have a page of a communication. I think that the solution that I propose is good and meets the expectations of the majority party.

If it us enough to quite regularly raidować service can be extended with new modules - DKP, Ventrilo, etc. It all depends on how much time we'll be on our team work and develop. I hope to create a harmonious team. 

I am convinced that on Sylvanas is so cool compatriots to create here at the end of a stable national guild.